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CuTest: C Unit Testing Framework


CuTest is a unit testing library for the C language. It can be used to do Extreme Programming and Test-First Development in the C language. It's a fun and cute library that will make your programming fun and productive.




CuTest is distributed under the zlib/libpng license. See license.txt in the distribution for text of license. The intent of the license is to: If you find CuTest useful we would like to hear about it.

Getting Started

For a detailed tutorial see README in the distribution. This shows you how to organize your tests and how to autogenerate the AllTests.c file from your source files.

To add unit testing to your C code the only files you need are CuTest.c and CuTest.h.

CuTestTest.c and AllTests.c have been included to provide an example of how to write unit tests and then how to aggregate them into suites and into a single AllTests.c file. Suites allow you to put unit tests for different parts of your code in different files. AllTests.c combines all the suites and runs them.

You should not have to look inside CuTest.c. Looking in CuTestTest.c (for example usage) should be sufficient.

After downloading the sources, run your compiler to create an executable called AllTests.exe. For example, if you are using Windows you would type:

cl AllTests.c CuTest.c CuTestTest.c

This will run all the unit tests associated with CuTest and print the output on the console.

For more details on how to use the library look at the README file included with the distribution.


We hope you CuTest saves you time and helps you produce high quality software.

If you find CuTest useful, let us know. Tell us what platform you are using it on (Windows, Linux, etc), and what kinds of applications you are using it with.

If you would like to contribute documentation or tutorials to this project please send e-mail.

Copyright © 2002-2003, Asim Jalis (asimjalis(nospam)gmail.com). All rights reserved.

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